The sharing economy is here. Rintro is a new mobile app, a new marketplace, to facilitate short-term rentals of outdoor recreational and utility equipment. Rintro lets users own the experience, not the gear.

Based in Birmingham, AL, we're just starting up – going live soon.

Our mission is to remove the cost barrier associated with introducing new folks to activities like camping, canoeing/kayaking, mountain biking, climbing/bouldering, and more. We're about getting that expensive, seldom-used equipment out of your garage and out into the great outdoors where it belongs. Got a pressure washer, chainsaw, canoe, mountain bike, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, snowboard, or pair of waders sitting around gathering dust? Let Rintro put it to work and earn its keep!

And don't worry about risk. The Rintro platform includes an ironclad damage protection program that makes sure your gear is safe from literally ANYTHING that might happen to it while it's out being used.

Sounds interesting, right? You should probably smash that Subscribe button and stay in the know for when Rintro goes live.